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The Warning Signs

After my first article “How to choose a Service Provider”, I was asked for advise on how to recognize potentially bad companies and their representatives.
The Warning Signs:
The following are warning signs of companies you may want to stay away from:
  1. Those that are unknown or have a negative reputation in the eyes of your local Professionals (Doctor, Coroner, Police Officer, Funeral Director or Lawyer, etc.)
  2. A company that cannot offer immediate proof of liability insurance or WSIB Clearance.
  3. Those who claims to be “Approved or Licensed” to provide these trauma remediation services. (There is no government approval or licensing requirement in Ontario).
  4. Those who claim to be “Certified” to provide trauma remediation services. (Certification or a certificate of attendance can be obtained by a simple online course).
  5. Anyone who will not provide a detailed, written estimate upon request.
  6. Those that promise the customer pays nothing and the insurance company will pay for everything.
  7. Companies that offer pricing that is different from an private individual to an insurance company.
  8. Anyone that offers a cash deals or no invoice/no tax discounts.
  9. Having less than 10 years of direct experience in trauma remediation and decontamination.
  10. Individuals that search for money, valuables, insurance papers or any other items with your initial request or permission. 
  11. Anyone who pressures you to authorize the work.
  12. Companies or individuals that you feel uncomfortable with. Your own feeling or instinct is usually the right one.
  13. Companies or individuals lacking respect and discretion.
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